How to Start a Bottled Water Business: Top 5 Tips for Success


If you’re interested in starting a bottled water business, it can be tough to know where to start. Understanding how to start a bottled water business requires some planning, research, and commitment. But with a little effort, you can realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

Read on to learn 5 tips that will help you be successful with your bottled water company!

  1. Start with a Business Plan

When it comes to starting any sort of company, a business plan is a good place to begin. With a business plan, you’ll outline the goals of your new operation, as well as the costs associated with it — and your budget.

Identify where you will begin operations and who will be involved. Map out your sales projections, funding needs, and marketing plans. You’ll return to this plan to check progress and add updates.

  1. Wondering How to Start a Bottled Water Business? Have a Good Product

You need to believe in your product when you go into business. Water business ideas can take many forms, so determine what elevates your product above the rest and create a plan to generate interest.

A customer base is critical to your success. Pinpoint your product and determine what will be necessary to produce it.

  1. Handle Logistical Matters

Logistical matters aren’t the most exciting part of starting a bottled water company, but they are important. Make sure that you’ve set up your company name and business license. Look into taxes and fees associated with getting started.

Find investors if you need start-up help, or research what it takes to get a loan. Understand leasing costs and keep everything within your budget.

  1. Surround Yourself with the Right People and Equipment

To run a successful business, you need strong personnel helping you out — and good equipment to streamline the process. Appoint trusted and efficient people to assume leadership roles in the company. Find someone capable of developing creative marketing plans and someone able to crunch the numbers.

When it comes to bottled water manufacturing, you’ll also need machinery that can produce your product. Paying attention to the water filling line and using the latest tanks, pumps, and filters will ensure that you produce the best product possible. You need to have enough equipment to handle your output, and you need to maintain it.

  1. Market Your Bottled Water Company Like Crazy

Wondering how to start a water company? Don’t forget about the importance of branding. Branding refers to the visual identity that you give your company. This can include your logo, letterhead, infographics, and other marketing tools that you use.

You’ll need to develop a strong and original logo and promote your company using social media. Outsource this responsibility to someone with experience and savvy. You’ll want to engage with customers, offer promotions, and update your presence frequently.

Make Your Business a Success

Knowing how to start a bottled water business means investing yourself in your product. If you have a good product, you’ll want to put in the time to develop a plan, find a space, and develop customers. And if you stick with it, you can develop a successful business.

To find more new business tips, check back for fresh and informative articles!

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