How to Start a Glass Business: 3 Essential Tips for Success


Are you considering getting into the glass business? Do you want to join a nearly $130 billion market that has expectations of growing by 4.3%?

All new business endeavors require time, dedication, and research. When it comes to the glass industry, that’s no exception. Before you become a staple in the glass production community, you’ll need to put in the work of learning how to start a business.

Since you’re not the first to embark on this adventure, there’s already a slew of advice and information you can consider. Below, we highlight a handful of must-knows for making a name for yourself in glass.

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  1. Consider Your Options: Float Glass vs. Blown Glass

Glass production typically falls into two categories: float glass, which produces sheet glass (think: windows), or glass-blowing, which encompasses bottles, jars, and the like.

At this point, you’re probably set on one or the other—or both. Know your specialty from the get-go, allowing you to buy equipment that pertains to that style. You can also begin advertising your skillset to those in the area who need your services.

Speaking of which . . .

  1. Know Your Target Industry

Once you’ve narrowed down your production style, you’ll need to consider who your target customers will be.

What businesses in your community need your services? Are you planning to sell outside of your local neighborhood? What industry will you cater to?

Glass production typically services one niche, such as automotive, construction, household, commercial businesses like hospitality, etc. Will you take a multi-faceted approach and serve several niches or just one? Answer all these questions in your business plan.

  1. Build Your Brand

Yes, even glass manufacturers have to make a brand identity! Doing so allows people to recognize you, recommend you, and find your services easily.

Follow these tips for building your glass brand:

  • Use keywords that are specific to your niche, such as “glass repair” or “glass replacement”
  • Make a user-friendly website that’s speedy and navigable
  • Register your Google My Business account and update it with accurate contact information
  • Utilize social media

What types of posts would a glass manufacturer make on social media?

You can show your process, highlight happy customers, or post specials/giveaways/discount codes, etc. Use social media like Facebook and Instagram to sell your brand, broaden your reach, and communicate with clients about services.

Welcome to the Glass Business

In addition to this list, you’ll need to consider the broader scope, too.

For example, you’ll need to create an executive business plan, secure funding, and prepare a workspace. You’ll also need to hire staff and get them trained and ready to work. Consider other requirements, such as equipment, insurance, and more.

There you have it: a short but sweet guide on how to start a glass business. Follow these steps to get a head start.

Did you enjoy these glass business tips? For more help on your entrepreneurial journey, keep coming back to our page often. We regularly post business advice that can help you succeed!

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