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Top # ways in which you can track your container shipment


As a part of the international shipping industry, you must have heard about the container shipment tracking facility. Out of all the perks of using technology to get the best of all services, the tracking facility has to be the most gratifying one. This GPS (Global Positioning System) sustained system helps know the location of the freight shipment. If you are new in the business, and you are establishing good connections with your buyers, using the tracking system will help you in offering equitable services! Here is everything you need to know about the tracking process.

Efficient Ways To Track Freight Shipments Online

The container tracking shipment facility is so important to maintain a healthy and well-informed shipment process going on. No customer or buyer enjoys being left wondering how far his order is. Tracking your cargo’s location can help you serve your customers in a better way which in turn will strengthen your business relations. The good news is that you have two ways through which you can track your freight shipments.

Avail The Services of Shipping Companies

The growth of the Indian shipping industry partly relies on the shoulders of the shipping and logistics service providers. You can find the best one for yourself that will help you with everything starting from customs clearance to container shipment tracking process.

  • Visit the official website of your preferred service partner through your computer’s web browser.
  • On the main ribbon of the home page, you will find a drop-down arrow named products. Click on it and choose the container tracking option from the list.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the “get started” tab.
  • Enter your work email address and sign up. Follow the steps as you will be instructed.
  • Enter the details of your container and get the most accurate and reliable results on your screen. The website is trusted for its advanced technology, and thus, you will not have to worry about any glitches in the information transmitted.

Use Official Website of The Company

There are several container companies like OOCL, CMA-CGM, Maersk, Hapag, etc. You can use the official website of the company you pick for your cargo. Although it is a bit difficult to keep switching the portal for every tracking process, it is possible if you prefer it anyway!

Just follow the steps intently and do not enter any wrong information or bill number.

  • Go to your smartphone’s or computer’s browser and search for the official website of your container, and you will be directed to the homepage of the website.
  • On the right side of the page, you will find a list of “our services”. There click of the toggle named “e-services”. Use this container shipment tracking to make a specific search.
  • Under the drop-down arrow of e-services, you will find an option, “ocean freight tracking”, click on it.
  • The page will refresh, and you will find an “ocean freight tracking tool” written within a paragraph. Click on it to open the tool.
  • Now a small box will appear on the page asking you the Bill of Lading number, booking or container number, and the type of shipment you have done.
  • Enter all the details correctly, and the required information about your cargo’s location will appear on the screen.

The proximity and accuracy of the information fed through the container shipment tracking depend upon the technology used by the service providers. So, you must always rely on a reliable source of information. Make the most of the money you invest in your trading business. Get the most trustworthy shipper in the business and use this facility to deliver the best quality services to your buyers!

Why your business needs reliable web hosting


With more businesses than ever focussing on their online presence, it has never been more important to have a great website. After all, a website is often the first point of contact between a brand and its customers, which is more crucial than ever with so many premises closed thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Web hosting is a great choice

For all but the biggest organisations, the cost of running a website entirely in-house is usually out of reach. Thankfully, there are many excellent web hosting companies that can make creating a website simple and affordable. Businesses can lease server space according to their needs and enjoy the reassurance of benefits such as security monitoring and tech support, all for a great price; however, the wrong choice of web hosting service can do more harm than good, so read on to discover what you need from your web host.

Reliable uptime, and speed

A website is only going to be effective if people can visit it – slow-loading or unavailable websites will lose customers fast. When looking at choosing a web host, it is vital that you check its uptime guarantee. You want to choose a provider that will promise you at least 99 per cent uptime. The leftover percentage will be when your hosting provider installs vital updates, such as security patches, which are usually scheduled in the middle of the night when traffic to sites is likely to be extremely low.

Speed is also important. You will want a hosting provider that can ensure your website loads quickly for your visitors. Not only will this give your customers the best user experience but also fast loading times can boost your valuable search engine rankings.

Safety first

You need to make sure the data files comprising your website are regularly backed up by your web host; in this way, if the worst should happen and your website is forced offline, you will be able to recover quickly with minimum disruption. When it comes to security, choose a hosting provider that uses the latest version of TLS and offers your website SSL certification as standard. With SSL certification, not only will your website be more protected but also your customers will have increased confidence using your website, as it will have the secure padlock symbol and ‘https’ showing.

Explore your options from buying a domain name through to your website launch; for example, you can buy a domain at names.co.uk

Get support

You want to focus on running your business rather than IT issues. If you are a smaller enterprise or sole trader, you may not have access to IT expertise in-house; if this is the case, choose a web hosting provider that can give you 24/7 support. Check reviews to see how responsive the hosting company’s tech support is; after all, you want to be helped promptly if the need arises.

Follow these tips and start enjoying the benefits that a great website can bring.

How to Start a Glass Business: 3 Essential Tips for Success


Are you considering getting into the glass business? Do you want to join a nearly $130 billion market that has expectations of growing by 4.3%?

All new business endeavors require time, dedication, and research. When it comes to the glass industry, that’s no exception. Before you become a staple in the glass production community, you’ll need to put in the work of learning how to start a business.

Since you’re not the first to embark on this adventure, there’s already a slew of advice and information you can consider. Below, we highlight a handful of must-knows for making a name for yourself in glass.

Let’s continue!

  1. Consider Your Options: Float Glass vs. Blown Glass

Glass production typically falls into two categories: float glass, which produces sheet glass (think: windows), or glass-blowing, which encompasses bottles, jars, and the like.

At this point, you’re probably set on one or the other—or both. Know your specialty from the get-go, allowing you to buy equipment that pertains to that style. You can also begin advertising your skillset to those in the area who need your services.

Speaking of which . . .

  1. Know Your Target Industry

Once you’ve narrowed down your production style, you’ll need to consider who your target customers will be.

What businesses in your community need your services? Are you planning to sell outside of your local neighborhood? What industry will you cater to?

Glass production typically services one niche, such as automotive, construction, household, commercial businesses like hospitality, etc. Will you take a multi-faceted approach and serve several niches or just one? Answer all these questions in your business plan.

  1. Build Your Brand

Yes, even glass manufacturers have to make a brand identity! Doing so allows people to recognize you, recommend you, and find your services easily.

Follow these tips for building your glass brand:

  • Use keywords that are specific to your niche, such as “glass repair” or “glass replacement”
  • Make a user-friendly website that’s speedy and navigable
  • Register your Google My Business account and update it with accurate contact information
  • Utilize social media

What types of posts would a glass manufacturer make on social media?

You can show your process, highlight happy customers, or post specials/giveaways/discount codes, etc. Use social media like Facebook and Instagram to sell your brand, broaden your reach, and communicate with clients about services.

Welcome to the Glass Business

In addition to this list, you’ll need to consider the broader scope, too.

For example, you’ll need to create an executive business plan, secure funding, and prepare a workspace. You’ll also need to hire staff and get them trained and ready to work. Consider other requirements, such as equipment, insurance, and more.

There you have it: a short but sweet guide on how to start a glass business. Follow these steps to get a head start.

Did you enjoy these glass business tips? For more help on your entrepreneurial journey, keep coming back to our page often. We regularly post business advice that can help you succeed!

5 Tips on Choosing a Website Builder for Your Business


In this day and age, it’s never been more important for a small business to have a functioning website. One study found that nearly 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses.

So, without one, you’re missing out on valuable traffic. Just because you don’t have experience coding doesn’t mean you can’t have a website for your small business. All you need is to find a website builder to do the heavy lifting for you. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on what to look for in a website builder for your company. Let’s get started!

Five Tips on Finding a Good Website Builder

Website building doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are plenty of platforms that allow you to choose from a variety of templates. As long as you follow these five tips, your business will be on its way to having a great website.

  1. Look For One That’s Easy to Use

If you’re confident in your web program and design skills, then you might want to choose a CMS platform to make your website. Otherwise, you’re better off going with a website builder that comes with ready-to-use templates. WordPress, Wix, and HostGator are some good examples of these types of sites.

  1. Is It Customizable?

A website builder with a lot of customizable options will make your site stand out from the competition. You should also look for features that benefit your specific business. For example, if you own a real estate company in Miami, then look for a builder that allows an IDX Plugin that allows visitors to learn more about local listings.

  1. Have a Budget In Mind

Before you choose a website builder, you should have an idea of how much money you want to spend on it. Some sites, like WordPress, offer free options. Others require a monthly fee to take a domain name or use additional customizable options. Make a budget plan, and then choose the website builder that best fits it.

  1. Do They Offer Support?

Website building can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. As such, you should look for a builder that offers a good amount of customer support. Preferably, find one that offers 24/7 live support that answers any questions or problems you might have.

  1. Do You Need an Online Store?

If your business doesn’t sell anything, just provides services, then this option isn’t important. However, any eCommerce site will need a functioning shopping cart and check out feature. As such, if you need this, then you should look for a website builder that provides it.

Want More Content? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you find out what you should look for when choosing a website builder. As you can see, finding the right platform doesn’t need to be hard. However, you should go into with some clearly defined goals and expectations. Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find more topics that you’re sure to love.

Clarifications behind Litecoin having an unbelievable future

  • Litecoin uses the Scrypt show instead of SHA256 which construes that diggers using hardware to run bitcoin network can’t switch over to Litecoin. Thus it adds to the decentralized understanding as the enormous earthmovers can just with huge exertion redesign their advantages by exchanging. Further they are working on sureness trades too.
  • Litecoin price at https://www.webull.com/quote/ccc-ltcusd was the first to fuse Segregated Witness which will allow the usage of lightning network engaging all of its individuals to exchange money at basically no cost. Its convenience and modestly less insecurity makes it a proper option for the merchants. Payments of trades for get-aways, endowments and even important metals can be successfully made through Litecoin. Close by the retail gathering dealers, exchanges, wallets and other structure are moreover planning them in extraordinary numbers.
  • Litecoin didn’t rise essentially because it is useful and ended up being extensively gotten, yet also because of how it is a phenomenal method for taking care of worth. The limited stock makes the money deflationary and is one of the prime clarifications behind the progressive climb in the expenses. Litecoin is as of now a remarkable thought offering real help of its customers and has unfathomable trademark worth.
  • The expense of Litecoin has been solid and have a low flimsiness diverged from Bitcoins that is the explanation the expense doesn’t shoot up or drop down so definitely and this is a useful thing for long stretch examiners and populace who truthfully sketch to utilize Litecoin as a money.
  • Adding to the obvious central purposes of an arrangement perspective and trading guarantee, Litecoin is quickly ending up being for the best three spots planning to rise from the current top five spots in cryptographic cash world. Litecoin has been used even as a financing contraption by a phase called Bankex which is expected to tokenize and affirm illiquid assets like land and subsidizing portfolios. The customers exchange their other cryptographic cash for Litecoins completely anticipating a trade and might need to finance the ICO with Litecoin to save costs.
  • The predictable and less flimsy nature of Litecoin makes it unprecedented for spending, trading or intercession. Various computerized cash sweethearts have differentiated market capitalization of Litecoin and others and ensuing to sorting it out reliant on its most extraordinary number of coins, taking care of and various characteristics have given a view that it is belittled.


Litecoin may climb in 2018 anyway would at present remain moderate and easy to execute appeared differently with bitcoin. As opposed to being only a store of critical worth, Litecoin would look like indeed a spendable coin later on. It doesn’t have issues like a segment of the principle coins and fortified its relative and atomic updates, Litecoin will end up being more well known shortly with the extension in cost speedier diverged from bitcoin. Nevertheless, if an individual necessities to have an extended portfolio, adventure should be conceivable in various coins as well yet with Litecoin taking the most raised weight. You can learn more from Litecoin news before trading.

How to Start a Bottled Water Business: Top 5 Tips for Success


If you’re interested in starting a bottled water business, it can be tough to know where to start. Understanding how to start a bottled water business requires some planning, research, and commitment. But with a little effort, you can realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

Read on to learn 5 tips that will help you be successful with your bottled water company!

  1. Start with a Business Plan

When it comes to starting any sort of company, a business plan is a good place to begin. With a business plan, you’ll outline the goals of your new operation, as well as the costs associated with it — and your budget.

Identify where you will begin operations and who will be involved. Map out your sales projections, funding needs, and marketing plans. You’ll return to this plan to check progress and add updates.

  1. Wondering How to Start a Bottled Water Business? Have a Good Product

You need to believe in your product when you go into business. Water business ideas can take many forms, so determine what elevates your product above the rest and create a plan to generate interest.

A customer base is critical to your success. Pinpoint your product and determine what will be necessary to produce it.

  1. Handle Logistical Matters

Logistical matters aren’t the most exciting part of starting a bottled water company, but they are important. Make sure that you’ve set up your company name and business license. Look into taxes and fees associated with getting started.

Find investors if you need start-up help, or research what it takes to get a loan. Understand leasing costs and keep everything within your budget.

  1. Surround Yourself with the Right People and Equipment

To run a successful business, you need strong personnel helping you out — and good equipment to streamline the process. Appoint trusted and efficient people to assume leadership roles in the company. Find someone capable of developing creative marketing plans and someone able to crunch the numbers.

When it comes to bottled water manufacturing, you’ll also need machinery that can produce your product. Paying attention to the water filling line and using the latest tanks, pumps, and filters will ensure that you produce the best product possible. You need to have enough equipment to handle your output, and you need to maintain it.

  1. Market Your Bottled Water Company Like Crazy

Wondering how to start a water company? Don’t forget about the importance of branding. Branding refers to the visual identity that you give your company. This can include your logo, letterhead, infographics, and other marketing tools that you use.

You’ll need to develop a strong and original logo and promote your company using social media. Outsource this responsibility to someone with experience and savvy. You’ll want to engage with customers, offer promotions, and update your presence frequently.

Make Your Business a Success

Knowing how to start a bottled water business means investing yourself in your product. If you have a good product, you’ll want to put in the time to develop a plan, find a space, and develop customers. And if you stick with it, you can develop a successful business.

To find more new business tips, check back for fresh and informative articles!

Why the Digital Experience Score Is Important


A report in 2020 stated that a majority of companies’ focus in 2020 was on improving the customer experience.

With almost everything online, it’s important for businesses to figure out ways to improve the customer experience. They need to figure out how to improve the customer experience on their website, through emails, social media, and more.

The digital experience can only enhance the overall experience of the consumer, influencing them to buy from your businesses.

This is why your business should consider a digital experience score. It’s a metric to measure the customer experience on your website.

If you’re unsure of the value of the digital experience score, here’s a guide that can help provide a deeper understanding of how it works for your business.

What Is the Digital Experience Score?

The digital experience score or DXS is the first metric that can be used to measure a customer’s experience on your website and on your apps.

To be more specific, DXS is measuring navigation, frustration, engagement, technical, and form experience. These are the aspects that are critical to evaluate when someone is on your website.

DXS will look at the customer’s experience on your website when it comes to clicks, viewing pages, and other interactions with your website or app. It will then produce a score between 1 and 10, which explains what the user is thinking when they are interacting with your website.

This breakthrough technology is able to accurately read the mind of a user who is on your website to see if they are feeling frustrated or enjoying their experience. You are getting a navigation score, a technical score, and a frustration score.

DXS is a new KPI to measure the value of your online business. It can help you see where the customer relationship needs work when you are interacting with them online.

Finally, you should know that the value of DXS is that it goes well with session replay and other forms of measurements. Session replay is looking at a video of how a user interacted with your website.

How Does the Digital Experience Score Benefit Your Business?

Now that you know about DXS, it’s important to see how it can benefit your business. You might think that DXS only applies to particular kinds of businesses, but in truth, it all applies to all online businesses.

It enhances the user experience.

One of the ways that DXS can help your business benefit is by seeing how you need to improve website optimization or app development. Your website may need an update in content or design.

In addition, your website may be difficult to navigate. Some users may find that’s also hard to ask customer service questions. There are some of the challenges you may see on your website.

DXS can also help with enhancing the mobile experience. With more people on their mobile devices, it’s more important to make sure your website is optimized for mobile.

You want to make sure that consumers are easily able to find your products, ask questions, and find the information they need without hesitation.

DXS can help you evaluate where your customer engagement is currently at and give you an idea of how you can improve that experience. You may discover that customers are frustrated because they can’t find a particular product or they don’t know how to contact you.

What Can You Be Doing Differently in Your Online Business?

While DXS can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your online presence, you still need to figure out how to optimize. You need to figure out strategies that are going to help you better connect with your target market.

Here are some strategies to consider that can help you raise your digital experience score.

Better Content

One of the ways you can improve the customer experience on your website or app is to provide them with better content.

You should be providing online content that is informative and helpful to your target market. You should be looking to answer their questions in the form of a blog post.

When you have an idea of how to help your target market with the right content, they will likely be more engaged with your business. They will see the value of your content.

Your content can also help you build authority and trust as a business.

More Feedback

When you get feedback on your website from your customers, you know exactly what their frustration is. You know what they found easy on your website or what frustrated them when they were searching for a product.

You should always try to get feedback from your customers because they can provide the best information when it comes to creating a better website.

Know Your Audience

The final way to improve your digital experience score is to accurately know your audience and their problems. Make sure that the online experience is designed for them and their problems.

For example, you don’t want a flashy website that is seems designed for gen z users, when it’s supposed to be for elderly people.

The goal of your website and app is not to make it to the flashiest but rather designed to show how you can help your target market overcome a problem.

You can also see how you can improve your website and engagement score with the prioritization guide. Here’s where to start to learn more about it.

Now You Know How to Improve the Customer Experience

Understanding how the digital experience score improves your website is critical when it comes to producing more leads and more sales.

This guide teaches you about the digital experience score and why it’s a vital part of evaluating the effectiveness of your business. When you understand the value of it, you’ll see how it can help you create a stronger website or app.

If you liked this article, you can check out more like it by browsing the rest of our website.

Create Customized Photo Books Using Mixbook


Memories help us appreciate life’s journey and moments at every stage, from the time we were children and even adults. Our brains can keep these memories and preserve them, but not for long. As we grow, we forget about some of them; hence, it is wise to choose other ways of preserving and storing the memories for a lifetime. Not only do pictures preserve the memory for a long time, but they also capture every life moment. A photo book helps preserve your memories with pictures of your life’s various stages and occasions in a quality and effective way. Mixbook is an online service that allows you to create custom photo books easily. In this article, I am going to show you how to go about it.

 Creating a photo book may sound like a lot of work and challenge, but to your surprise, it’s not. Mixbook makes the process easy, fun, and enjoyable every step of the way. With the available live chat team, they answer all your questions and offer help where needed. Mixbook gives you the freedom to make your photo book that tells your story your way. The wide collections of themes allow you to design photo books for different events and occasions in life, including weddings, travel, school, birthdays, family, etc. It also has designer themes to make even the experience more perfect; they include Amy Tangerine, Studio Calico, Bonnie Christine, and Kelly Purkey. They also collaborate with artists, e.g., Martha Stewart, for more personalized themes.

Mixbook has various feature options, all to make your photo book more customized. They include layouts, fonts, stickers, different backgrounds, texts, sizes, and cover types that all come in handy to make your photo book standout from the crowd and represent and describe just you. The steps to creating your photo book include:

  • Finding the design you love by choosing from the collections of themes available to design your own with the blank book.
  • Uploading pictures from your phone, computer, google drive, and also from social media accounts.
  • Creating the photo book itself through the use of text, stickers, layouts, and other editing features available to make it customized just for you.
  • The last step involves adding the final touches, including choosing your desired size, paper, and cover type.

We should always make every life moment count, and what’s a better way to preserve the memories than with the pictures and using them to create photo books that are of high quality and will last long enough. Mixbook gives you the freedom and the chance to create something that best describes you in an easy and fun way. It has various themes for all occasions and events, including featured guest designer themes and a Martha Stewart collaboration. More features include various backgrounds, fonts, stickers, and layouts to give you a customized photo book. You can make it for yourself or your friends and families. All the best in making your photo book; sign up on Mixbook to get started.

4 Tips For Proper Website Management


Did you know that only 64% of small businesses have a website? Even though this should not be a shocking statistic, as running a website can be tricky for some business owners, your business should be one of the many that do own and operate their website.

Once you’ve managed to get your website up and running, you need to make sure that you have proper website management as well. You might be asking, what is website management?

Well, we’re here to walk you through some tips and tricks to critical website management that you need to know.

Be sure to keep reading for four of the best tips for proper website management.

  1. Use a Template

If you’re learning how to manage a website for your online business, then there are many templates available on each hosting platform. You can use and edit these templates as you see fit.

Using a template to get started is a great way to build a website fast and get it ready for your customers to see.

When you use a template, then you will be able to edit it with ease whenever you want to. Your business website will look appealing to potential customers, and you can add new elements to it, such as products or updates.

  1. Get a Website Manager

Having a website manager is a great way to take weight and stress off your shoulders when it comes to taking care of your website. A manager can help with web development, web design, web updates, and so much more!

There are tons of different website managers to choose from, but WhatArmy is one of the best. They work with many hosting platforms and can launch, manage, and support your website. Be sure to check out this post to learn more about WhatArmy and what they can do for you.

  1. Keep Your Website Organized

When looking at your company website, does it feel organized to you? If not, then potential customers are going to get very confused and frustrated when they come to your website.

You want to make sure that your website has a cohesive and organized feel to it when you’re managing it. Be sure that you have everything your website needs in a navigation bar at the top.

You also don’t want too much clutter on the homepage. Make sure that you can direct clients to the right place as soon as they find your website.

  1. Invest in Website Security

Another thing you will want to consider for website management is investing in cybersecurity. While it might not seem like a necessity, you never know what could happen on the internet.

Website security is vital for every website, especially if you will be dealing with the client’s personal information. Be sure to look into ways that your hosting platform can make your website more secure. There are tons of different plugins that you can buy and install.

Learning Proper Website Management

When trying to learn proper website management, there are many different contributing factors. Having a website for any business is crucial. Make sure to consider our guide when you’re building your business’s website.

If you’re looking for more advice on business, careers, management, marketing, or investing, then our blog is the place to be. Make sure to bookmark our page so that you can keep coming back for more useful information.