Protect Your Company and Your Business with iSeries Cloud Services


A business would need a lot of space to store all their important information. Not only that but they would also need it to be as secure as possible. This is important as it contains important sensitive data that could either make or break this company. That is why it is no surprise that there are businesses that would pay so much money for services such as virtual server hosting.

The problem here now is that not all businesses can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a server. This would cause those smaller businesses to make financially risky decisions that could lead to them being bankrupt. That is just not how good business should run. Instead, they should take into consideration the services of iSeries cloud services.

This cloud service is more than just your typical server renting option. You do not have to spend upwards of millions at a time just to have enough space to store your precious data. In fact, you do not even need to have a strong memory bandwidth to use the server. Simply have a stable connection to the network, and you are all set to store your data backup.

iSeries Cloud Services

Unlike other platforms, there is no date lock-up period when you use iSeries Cloud Services. This is done purely as a pay per month style approach to suit your individual needs. As such, they take it upon themselves to show to you that they would wipe your data clean if you no longer require their services.

One way they stand out completely is that they offer a whole 60-day free trial period for all companies to try. This is perfect to truly test out their servers and their skills at managing the company’s important files. That alone can save your business a ton of money, just on the trial period alone.

But that is not all, this service is also being sold for about 30-70% cheaper than most cloud hosting solutions. This would mean that you not only get 60 days worth of free trial, you also pay a lot less when you sign up afterward. Think of the amount of savings you and your company will make.

Although, how is the quality of the performance of the cloud service? Thankfully, the service would assign you a private team that is dedicated to making your process go smoothly. They are dedicated to answering any queries and issues that you might have on the spot that it happens. That would mean that you have people constantly making sure that your servers are well-maintained and free from issues. In addition, the iSeries Cloud Services is shown to run at a 99.999% uptime for reliability.


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