The Basic Road Etiquette You Should Keep in Mind


Are you a driver? Then, there are some necessary things you need to know. Or else, you put yourself and others in danger.

Driving may be a stressful activity. This often brings out the rudeness in nice people. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can maintain calm and sensible while on the road.

Courtesy is something you must exercise in your daily life and that includes when you are driving. You must keep in mind that you are not the only one on the road so you must be polite even to strangers.

Polite Driving Guidelines

Don’t drive too fast or too slow

You must follow road speed limits not just because of the violation fine, but because you’ll put the lives of other drivers in your path in danger.

Heed conditions

Several things can make your driving inconvenient including weather, road construction, and heavy traffic. When driving with blinding rain, don’t drive too fast. Also, be extra cautious when you see an on-going road construction. Remember, they’re working hard to keep the road in good condition, and that’s also for your safety.

Rush-hour traffic is a pain, not just for you but for all of you on the road. Don’t make it worse by honking your horn.

Be attentive to traffic control signs

Road signs are placed above or at the side of the road to alert road users to any potential hazards. Road traffic control has the main objective of reassuring your safety and efficient movement of vehicles, so never ignore these signs.

Stay in your lane

Lanes are there for a reason so stay between the lines. Change lanes only when necessary such as turning or passing. Weaving in and out of lanes can cause an accident.

Focus on your driving

Stay focused and be aware of your driving. If you need to turn left, get in the left turn lane right away.

Only drive when sober

In most cases, this is one of the most primary causes of road accidents. So if you had an illegal amount of alcohol for driving, don’t drive.

Be polite to the law enforcers

Mind your manners when you encounter a police officer directing traffic, or when you get pulled over. Remember, they serve the public, respect their uniform.

Pullover for emergency vehicles

Pullover and let the emergency vehicles pass whenever you hear a siren or see a flashing light.

Stay polite all the time

Rudeness is contagious. Do not respond to other people’s rudeness. Be stable and use common sense. Because once temper flares up, the situation will only become worse and dangerous.

Being a good driver and having good road etiquette goes beyond following the rules. Remember, you play a big role in getting to your destination safely.

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