Top Five Features of Thailand Startup Ecosystems


One of the most important factors in determining whether or not your startup is bound to succeed is the environment in which it is located. Just as a seed needs to be planted in fertile soil and regularly treated to sunshine and water to fully flourish and grow, the same principle holds true when it comes to landing a quality place for your new enterprise to thrive. For as much as we’ve all romanticized stories such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak beginning Apple in a garage, at a certain point in the lifespan of every startup, the time comes to try and seek greener pastures and cultivate your business properly.

Thailand has begun to make a name for itself of late as a prime destination for those looking to set up shop with their new startup. This is due in no small part to the fantastic “startup ecosystems” the area boasts, tracts of land and business complexes which are devoted to startup companies, allowing them to work and flourish in areas left all to themselves. Here’s what you can expect from the best Thailand startup ecosystem.

  1. An Innovative Environment

One of the most important factors to creativity is making sure that the environment is right to nourish it. Again, while the image of the struggling bohemian artist (or tech developer, as the case and era may vary) is popular, it’s far from accurate in terms of depicting the norm, let alone the best-case scenario.

For the better part of literary history, most literature was written by those with the money, education, and leisure time to actually be able to sit, think, compose, revise, and do everything else necessary to create a masterpiece. The same holds true with startups today – you need to have an environment which allows you to craft your masterpiece app or service. The best startup ecosystems provide that.

  1. A Welcoming Space

This is due in large part to the welcoming nature of such places. You don’t want to work in a place where no one understands what your company or industry is about. One of the best features of startup ecosystems have to their credit is the fact that they provide a welcoming space where startups can embrace and share ideas with one another.

  1. A High-Tech Interior

In addition, these type of startup spaces don’t just have the same old drag interior spaces. Appropriately enough, they take on tech-friendly interiors, with systems ready for use by new firms.

  1. Good Location

Part of what makes Silicon Valley such a boon for workers there is its location relative to the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area. The same holds true when it comes to these “ecosystems,” which are located in a good location for their companies relative to the rest of Bangkok.

  1. Hot Commodities

Startup ecosystems are a hot commodity at present, with international press such as CNN taking notice. If you’re going to get set up in one, now’s the time to act.

Get your company situated in a great startup ecosystem in Bangkok today.

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