What Type of Office Space You Should Get These Times of Pandemic


We are still living in this new normal, and we are trying to survive each day. However, amidst this pandemic, our work is essential for us to get our daily needs. Offices and companies need to go back to operation and let other employees work at the office.

Now, the challenge is the choices of office spaces that will adhere to the current protocol for everyone’s safety. We still need to follow social distancing to fight off this COVID-19.

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Here are the types of office space you need to consider if you are back to operation.

Traditional Office Space

The traditional office space is one of the common office space types used by companies. But this is also helpful to practice social distancing. Traditional office spaces have blocks or cubicles that give enough space for a single person. That will also enhance productivity, and the employee can focus on the job, rather than chit-chatting with officemates.

Virtual Office Space

One of the common practices of companies nowadays is virtual meetings and project proposals. This will encourage the employees to stay at home but do their jobs at the same time.

Although this comes with disadvantages–such as limited interactions, trigger miscommunications, and unproductivity–the virtual office space focuses on the health of the employees, especially these trying times.

Executive Office Space Suites

This type of office suite is the area where the executive or business top managers meet. Although this is not for everyone, getting the idea of this office space can help you to know what type of office you should get. Moreover, it has a bigger space that only caters to a small number of people.

Other Ways to Promote Social Distancing in Your Office

Choosing an office space that encourages social distancing is not enough to ensure the safety of your employees. It is crucial to look for other ways to minimize the hours of employees outside their homes.

You can create a schedule where you ask the employees to attend alternately. Separate them into groups, and you can create a separate time for them to go to the office. During other times, you can conduct an online meeting, if physical appearance is not necessary.

The Key Takeaways

Office spaces are still essential for your employee’s productivity. Home offices can be advantageous, but in some cases, employees are more productive and focused inside the office instead of working from home.

However, you should keep in mind that COVID-19 is still here, and you should not be complacent. Caring for your employees’ welfare comes with more benefits, than risking their lives to do more work inside the office.

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