Why floristry is such a great career choice


Are you a creative spark who loves spending time surrounded by plants? Floristry could be the perfect career choice for you!

A florist is somebody who designs beautiful arrangements of flowers into wreaths, bouquets, centrepieces and other shapes- such as letters. It’s a really creative job that allows you to experiment with colours and shapes, with the flexibility to design to your own liking. Working in floristry means flexing your creative side all day long whilst building a community of friends with fellow florists, clients and farmers.

And floristry is more important than you may think. Being a florist means sharing in a customer’s most sentimental moments. Weddings, anniversary’s and funerals- you’ll bring a beautiful, bespoke service to clients that they’ll never forget. People will express their feelings to you, and it’s your job to turn those feelings into something tangible.

There’s always something going on that warrants a beautiful bouquet. Every month there’s bound to be thousands of birthdays alone in your local area. With the right marketing and enough talent, there’s lots of money to be made in floristry. All you need is the training and a desire to succeed.

Lots of people are turning to floristry as a unique way to start their own business. By training in the art of floristry, you could start working as your own boss. That means you get to choose the hours, and experience the exiting challenge of building your business from the ground up. There are so many different opportunities for self-employed florists. You can even take to the road and reduce overheads by running your floristry service from inside a van.

Wouldn’t it be great for your job to also be a form of therapy? Many florists are adamant that the art of flower arranging is a great way of battling anxiety and depression. There’s something wonderful about focusing deeply on design and tuning out reality. Gazing upon your final creation, you’ll feel pride and accomplishment that you have created something perfect for a client. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing the smile on a customer’s face when you’ve done them a great service. You’ll feel confident in your abilities- and you should do, too.

There are plenty of learning opportunities for soon-to-be florists. Some gain work experience in a shop, while some turn to floristry schools for more advanced training. The London Flower School is one popular organisation that runs a variety of floristry training courses to suit anybody’s needs. There are 1, 2 and 4 week courses depending on how far you’d like to delve into the art. The London Flower school teach both traditional and contemporary floristry, along with other essential aspects of running your own flower business.

If floristry sounds like the perfect fit for you- it’s never too late to start. With businesses all over the country taking on apprentices- and plenty of learning institutions offering up courses, learning floristry is more accessible than ever. And not only that-  a great career choice.

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