Wrongful Death in Atlanta – Things You Should Know About Legal Procedures


The death of a loved one can be a troublesome time. If it’s an act of God,  then no one can be blamed. But more often than not, wrongful deaths happen due to accidents. Most of the accidents reported in Atlanta involve the negligence of another party. If that is the case, the death is wrongful. Wrongful death can be compensated for by filing a case with a personal injury attorney. Explore the details in the coming sections!

What Are The Criteria for Death to be Classified As Wrongful?  

If your loved one met with an accident that was no fault of theirs and succumbed to injuries, then it is a pure case of wrongful death. If the negligence or recklessness of another party resulted in the loss of your loved one, you have the right to file for compensation.

The demise has to be a result of reckless driving or road rage to qualify as wrongful death. If the other party was overspeeding or cutting over a signal or violating any other traffic rule, then they are legally at fault. 

Also, the accidental death at the workplace (within the premises) caused due to unsafe landscaping in the company/enterprise is also classified as wrongful death. 

Fundamentally, a casualty that’s occurred due to the ignorance of someone else and not by the fault of the deceased is categorized as wrongful death. 

Compensations and Legal Procedures

The first step towards improving the chances of getting compensation is consulting an Atlanta wrongful death attorney. You need time to grieve over the loss of a loved one, so better leave the legal battle to the attorney.

After a quick free review of your case, the attorney will file a petition for compensation. Estimating the financial value of your loved one’s departure (that also includes the cost of the funeral) and its impact on your life is tough. But, with the right attorney by your side, you will receive fair compensation.

Once the case is filed, the remaining documentation will be taken care of by the attorney you’ve hired. The evidence collection to support your argument will also be carried out by your lawyer.

  1. The proof of innocence from the accident site, witnesses, video evidence, etc will be collected. 
  2. The attorney will also try negotiating for a settlement outside the court. If that succeeds, then there will be no hearing and courtroom hassles unless you want to file for Punitive damages. 

In case, no settlement is reached, you will be in for a legal battle. With the best support and service from an Atlanta wrongful death attorney, the legal battle will be easier.

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