Create Customized Photo Books Using Mixbook


Memories help us appreciate life’s journey and moments at every stage, from the time we were children and even adults. Our brains can keep these memories and preserve them, but not for long. As we grow, we forget about some of them; hence, it is wise to choose other ways of preserving and storing the memories for a lifetime. Not only do pictures preserve the memory for a long time, but they also capture every life moment. A photo book helps preserve your memories with pictures of your life’s various stages and occasions in a quality and effective way. Mixbook is an online service that allows you to create custom photo books easily. In this article, I am going to show you how to go about it.

Creating a photo book may sound like a lot of work and challenge, but to your surprise, it’s not. Mixbook makes the process easy, fun, and enjoyable every step of the way. With the available live chat team, they answer all your questions and offer help where needed. Mixbook gives you the freedom to make your photo book that tells your story your way. The wide collections of themes allow you to design photo books for different events and occasions in life, including weddings, travel, school, birthdays, family, etc. It also has designer themes to make even the experience more perfect; they include Amy Tangerine, Studio Calico, Bonnie Christine, and Kelly Purkey. They also collaborate with artists, e.g., Martha Stewart, for more personalized themes.

Mixbook has various feature options, all to make your photo book more customized. They include layouts, fonts, stickers, different backgrounds, texts, sizes, and cover types that all come in handy to make your photo book standout from the crowd and represent and describe just you. The steps to creating your photo book include:

  • Finding the design you love by choosing from the collections of themes available to design your own with the blank book.
  • Uploading pictures from your phone, computer, google drive, and also from social media accounts.
  • Creating the photo book itself through the use of text, stickers, layouts, and other editing features available to make it customized just for you.
  • The last step involves adding the final touches, including choosing your desired size, paper, and cover type.

We should always make every life moment count, and what’s a better way to preserve the memories than with the pictures and using them to create photo books that are of high quality and will last long enough. Mixbook gives you the freedom and the chance to create something that best describes you in an easy and fun way. It has various themes for all occasions and events, including featured guest designer themes and a Martha Stewart collaboration. More features include various backgrounds, fonts, stickers, and layouts to give you a customized photo book. You can make it for yourself or your friends and family. All the best in making your photo book; sign up on Mixbook to get started. To discover more about the top photo-book-making websites, visit this website:

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