5 Essential Elements of a Best Person Specification


The document that lists out the qualities for screening applicants for the best candidates is called the best person specification. According to DRRecruitment, such a document would make the procedure for screening candidates hassle-free.

Before we continue, it would be beneficial to explain the difference between best person specification and position description. The position description states the duties and responsibilities of a person that occupies a job position.  In essence, the position description would be useful in crafting the best person specification of a post.  Therefore,  when the position description is well laid out,  it would be easier to prepare the best person specification

Once the best person specification is ready, it becomes a yardstick for screening candidates for a job position. This document also comes in handy while creating advertorials for a job opening. It allows a prospective candidate to know if they qualify for the position advertised or not.

In the following paragraphs, we shall discuss essential factors to consider while writing the best person specification document. This list contains qualities that should be integrated into every best person specification document.  It would be useful for screening candidates to identify the most qualified person without stress.


This element is about the most apparent aspect of the best person specifications.  It states the type of training expected of the right candidate. Depending on the job role, qualifications could be a diploma or university degree.  For instance, human resources positions often require a university degree, at least.


The prospect must have some sort of job experience to be considered for an open position. An exception is a scenario where the company intends to employ trainees who need additional grooming before taking up job positions. Most mid-cadre and al senior-level positions in a company require some level of experience. It is up to you to determine the years of experience that is appropriate for an open job position.

Personal Attributes

Some job demands that the right candidate show certain personal attributes that enable the fellow to carry out job designations without hassles.  A typical example is a marketer who should be sociable, well dressed, and has excellent communication skills.

Key Competencies

Competencies refer to the combination of soft and hard skills that are required to carry our job assignments. For instance, a graphics designer should how competencies in the use of specific graphic design applications. A personal secretary should be fast at typing, articulate, and able to take notes.

Physical Features

Some jobs set physical attributes as evaluation benchmarks. This factor comes to play in job roles that required physical exertions such as labor works, machine operation, security personnel, and the likes. A typical example is security jobs, where height can be a limiting factor for prospective candidates.

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