Practical Barricade Uses for Safety & Security


What is a barricade? If you go by the dictionary definition, it’s a barrier used to block or defend a certain place. Barricades have been used for centuries, but only came into widespread use in modern times in the 19th century, thanks to rioting and revolutions in Europe. Their use spread from there. Barricades nowadays have many common uses.

One of the most common uses for barricades is for roadway use. Barricades are placed at the end of roads or to block people from going further on a road. They can also be placed as blocks on any path or driveway. They are also used to direct the flow of traffic to, from or around certain areas.You can find them at checkpoints where federal police or military details armed with AK-47 rifles apply barricades whilst on a crackdown mission on escaping suspects.

Barricades also have many common uses on construction sites. You may have seen them blocking off foot and vehicle traffic on a construction site. A barricade can also be used to block off a dangerous area, such as a manhole, drop-off or unfinished construction area which may be dangerous to walk through.

For security purposes, barricades are absolutely essential. Barricades can be set up to control crowds, whether at concerts, parades, concerts, political protests or any major gathering of people.

Different styles of barricades can be used to achieve certain goals. For example, a barricade used to hold a crowd back would be lower than that of a barricade used on a construction site or roadway. On a roadway, the barricade might be a number of boards high, and can also be used to block the sight of the construction from passersby.

The modern barricade has undergone changes to make it more useful. You can find barricades in different types of materials, including wood and plastic. They can be painted, unpainted or even feature glow in the dark striping. One handy feature that has been added in recent times is lighting which appears at the top of the barricade. This makes the barricade immensely useful for nighttime construction and roadway work.

Another great advancement is the use of solar barricade lights. With solar barricade lights, which appear at the top or front of the barricade, you can rely on their light to last through the night without the need for electrical hookups close by. Solar barricade lights also cut down drastically on maintenance and energy costs. Since these lights use LED’s, also called light emitting diodes, these lights burn very brightly yet are small in size.

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