Tips for Creating the Perfect Person Specification


A person specification is a document which helps identify the most ideal candidate during the recruitment and selection of an employee, according to A person specification states the capabilities a person needs to have in order to be hired for the vacant position.

A position description and a person specification document works simultaneously, as the data for a person specification is should be derived from position description because a person specification should consist all the traits needed for the unoccupied position. A position description is a deed that consists of all the duties and responsibilities that a person needs to conduct and all the accountabilities during the job. Therefore, a position description should be well written and accurate in order to ensure that the person specification should cover all the traits and information that is needed for the job.

It is main tool that is used in constructing the criteria on which the candidate and will be judged upon, also it is important for creating advertisement for the job so the person would apply if he matches the requirement and criteria.

We have highlighted some of the important features that are need to be added in a person specification, which would help you to make sure that the person specification lists minimum requirements that are necessary for the candidate. These tips would help you design a person specification with minimum traits that are required and important in order to find an applicable and relevant person for the job.

  • Qualification– What are the key qualification requirements for the position?

This area includes any particular degree or diploma that is required for the job for example if a vacant HR position needs bachelor degree of business in HR.

  • Experience– Particular set of experience that is essential in order to conduct job correctly.

The requirements in experience are essential for the jobs that require an experience candidate. For example, a high position corporate job specification should include the years of experience they require in a candidate for the job.

  • Personal traits– Personal attributes that should be possessed by a person to perform the job.

Personal traits truly define how well you can perform a task and manage things in your job. This area includes the characteristics and the personality a person should have in order to be suitable for the job. For example, a sales person personality characteristics should be well groomed, polite and persistent.

  • Competencies– the requirement of capabilities to perform the job.

Competencies are some specific capabilities that are important for the performance of job and also required in the potential candidate. For example, a customer service manager should be a networker and have excellent communication skills.

  • Physical Attributes- If a job requires physical some specific physical skills.

This area is applicable only for the jobs that require physical skills for example jobs that are mainly for non-managerial and labor staff. For example to manage a machinery, person specification document should include the amount of physical attributes a person should have to rightly perform the job.



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